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Thursday night, the CW brought us the 100th episode of The Vampire Diaries and with it came flashbacks, the return of many characters from the past and the death of Katherine, all of which had viewers in a state of emotional turmoil. (Check here to see if a CW affiliate is available to watch free online in your area.)

Of course, fans took to Twitter throughout the episode to express the rollercoaster of emotions that it brought on. Grab your tissues, because it all ended in tears.

And seemed to love what the writers did with this episode.

Then they started shouting at their TV’s.

And made threats over what they wanted to happen.

Finally they got what they wanted.

The death of Katherine was definitely a downer, even if her character wasn’t likeable.

The episode ended just as a true TV milestone should end, leaving its viewers in tears.

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The Vampire Diaries is available to watch online and mobile via FilmOn. Check here to see if a CW affiliate is available in your area.

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