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Saturday night’s main even fight between Ronda Rousey and Sara McMann at UFC 170 in Las Vegas has drawn mixed reactions from fans.

After McMann was dropped by a knee, she started taking a heavy barrage of punches by Rousey and referee Herb Dean came in to stop the fight at 1:06 in the first round.

Initially, I thought the fight was an early stoppage since McMann wasn’t knocked out and looked like she was trying to get up and looked more dazed; but after watching the replay and before the post-fight conference, I caught up with fighter Nick Diaz and Dean who talked about the stoppage.

Diaz: I thought it was a good call, it was a liver shot she was hurt.

Dean: Yea, I don’t see anything wrong with it, I think it was a good call too.

On Twitter, fans had mixed reactions and in two polls on different sites, with one poll showing fans thought it was early and in the same poll, the majority thought it was fair.

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Dean took some flak for his stoppage between UFC bantamweights Renan Barao and Urijah Faber, and had fans crying foul because of their recent memory of that fight ending in January.

The consensus from Rousey’s camp, was the fight was stopped when it should have and if McMann would have gotten up, she would have taken more punish-ment.

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If you watch the fight back — there is one telling sign Dean did a great job — when Rousey drops McMann with the knee, McMann immediatetely goes down and holds her liver with her left hand and tries to defend with her right. Even though McMann was defending, it was with only one hand, which puts her at a gross disadvantage and makes Dean’s quick call a good one.

David Kano is lead writer for MMA Show News and co-host of The Hollywood MMA Show. You can follow him on Twitter @TheDKano.

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