Drake got more than he bargained for at Coachella this weekend.

The R&B singer was sat on stage during a performance by Madonna when she moved over to him and tilted his head back and started to kiss him.

Now, things like that happen quite often on stage, but in this case Drake’s reaction suggests it may not have gone exactly as planned!

He quickly put his hand to his mouth and pulled a grimace that looked like the sort of face a man might have when he’s just found a turd in his salad!

And let’s be fair to the guy, what 28 year old would want to be French kissed by a 56 year old mother? However, Drake has since asked people not to misinterpret his reaction, so perhaps everybody has got the wrong end of the stick (see link below).

Madonna must clearly have thought Drake was aiming his lyrics at her when he famously rapped: “I heard you’re good with them soft lips, yea you know word of mouth.”

Watch the awkward clip below. Meanwhile, go to Filmon.com for more hundreds of online TV channels.

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