Unless you’re from the UK, not too many readers will have heard of dude called Boris Johnson. For the unacquainted he’s the Mayor of London – who’s famous for being a bit of a chubby blonde joker, but nonetheless he’s tipped to become the UK’s next PM.

(He’s a Conservative like Mrs Thatcher, but with bigger titties).

A video of Boris once went viral after he attended a charity soccer match and clattered one of his opponents. This time around he was actually playing rugby, but against a bunch of school children in Japan.

In a clip that’s taking the internet by storm, he is seen barging a kid over like he was playing against an adult.

Boris apologised for what happened, and was later photographed whilst handing over a rugby ball to the poor kid!

Watch a Vine of the tackle below. Meanwhile got to BattleCam.com for thousands of great videos and interactive live TV.

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