The god of all hell-raisers that is Charlie Sheen is back in the headlines.

Here at Ginger Clam we’ve long been a fan of Charlie for his refreshing attitude to dating porn stars and his ability to burn the candle at both ends.

Apparently the Two and a Half Men star was asked to leave a watering hole in Dana Point, California, at the weekend by a bouncer after getting into a spat with a musician.

The bar owner later told People Magazine: “Charlie Sheen came in with some friends after a day of fishing and was a perfect guest. But then later that night this other Charlie came in and that Charlie got into an argument with someone in the band.

“From what I gather people were taking his picture. I think he finally had enough of picture taking and knocked a camera out of someone’s hands.”

The bar says reports that a bouncer placed the star in a headlock are exaggerated – and that Sheen was politely asked to leave and shook hands like a gentleman afterwards.

Either way we don’t care – the man’s a legend.

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Meanwhile – here’s a classic video of Charlie …

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