With the annual Oktoberfest beer festivals around the world now full swing, here’s a well-timed video.

A couple of German dudes have posted a viral of themselves tasting a new type of alcoholic drink. Sounds like an extremely average thing to do, apart from the fact that this beer is supposedly infused with helium gas and and makes your voice go squeaky.

That’s right, beer company Samuel Adams have made a beer called ‘HeliYUM’ which leaves you sounding like Steve Urkel in Family Matters.

In the clip, the two guys absolutely crack up when they start talking following their first sips.

Now without spoiling the fun, you’ll note that although the video is currently doing the rounds on social media it was first released on April 1 so take it with a pinch of salt –  but it’s highly funny nonetheless!

Watch the clip below. Meanwhile, go to FilmOn.com for hundreds of online TV channels.

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