Kanye West may be nuttier than a squirrel’s nutsack in autumn, but the crazy dude sure knows how to enjoy himself. Last night the egocentric looper decided to subject himself to the perils of an American Idol audition.

Jennifer Lopez and fellow judges Harry Connick Junior and Keith Urban looked stunned as West sauntered onto the stage and presented himself as a contestant. West then gave a rousing performance of Gold Digger, reminding the world why we used to like his music.

As Taylor Swift can testify, West doesn’t take rejection well. Fearing for their lives, J-Lo and co. presented Kanye with a prized golden ticket through to the next round. West can now proceed and become the next Kelly Clarkson. Eating lots of cakes will be a good starting point.

Kim Kardashian joined West for the little escapade, doing what she does best. Standing backstage doing nothing while sporting a great rack of breasticles.

KK uploaded a pic of the audition on Instagram featuring J-Lo’s shocked face. It must have been strange for Jen to see actual musical talent appear on the stage.

Host Ryan ‘Irrelevant’ Seacrest also posted a picture, revealing West with his winning ticket.

The auditioning star had to make a swift exit from Idol as he was scheduled to perform for President Obama at a DNC fundraiser.

Kanye has promised to become President in 2020. Worryingly, Putin will then finally have a justified reason for an all-out nuke attack.

Ginger Clam isn’t bothered, Kim’s Double D’s will repel anything the Ruskies can muster.

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