Sasheeer Zamata, SNL, UBC

Saturday evening television staple, Saturday Night Live, is making headlines with its addition of the first black female cast member in six years.

Upright Citizens Brigade member Sasheer Zamata will be making her late night debut on Jan. 18, in an episode hosted by hip-hop star Drake, according to CNN.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, SNL also made progress with the addition of two new black female writers, LaDendra Tookes and Leslie Jones.

Since the changes to the cast and writers lineup have been announced Twitter users showed their good, bad and ugly sides with their opinions on the news.

Head writer, Seth Meyers, welcomed Zamata to the show.

Welcome to SN, @thesheertruth– Seth Meyers (@sethmeyers)

And fans commended show creator Lorne Michaels for the move.

Okay so SNL finally hired a black actress but they also picked up two black female writers! I see you, Lorne! — Charles Harris (@charlesisbatman)

Still, haters were quick to voice their displeasure with the whole thing, including Zamata’s comedic talents.

SNL having a more inclusive staff might make it actually funny. — Alexa. (@cat_noises)

SNL really hired the most unfunny black woman they could possibly find to meet the quota. Lol how funny… — Utak West (@UtakWest)

I’ve seen several ppl say that Sasheer Zamata (sp) isn’t funny. So she’ll fit right in at SNL. — DeepFake Chopra (@THISisLULE)

While others attempted to act as the voice of reason.

kind of weird to criticize SNL for getting a black actress midseason and say she might not be up to snuff before she ever acts on the show — Red Foxx (@gotMAB21)

Still, some were happy with the changes.

Thank GOD SNL hired black female writers too! Now I’m confident Sasheer Zamata will get some screen time — Anndi Jinelle (@SerAnndipity)

And congratulations were handed out from other African American female stars, such as Kerry Washington and Sherri Shepard.

Congrats to #SasheerZamata @thesheertruth on joining @nbcsnl ‘Saturday Night Live’ #SNL!!!!! Have FUN — kerry washington (@kerrywashington)

Congratulations to Sasheer Zamata @TheSheerTruth for joining the cast of #SNL… enjoy the ride mama! — Sherri Shepherd (@SherriEShepherd)

Either way, Zamata herself is excited to be on the show.

@nbcsnl: Join us in welcoming Sasheer Zamata (@thesheertruth) to the cast!! Next week is going to be awesome! I’M SO EXCITED!!! — Sasheer (@thesheertruth)

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