Ginger Clam thinks that Justin ‘small like chicken’ Bieber and Donald ‘hair like bear’ Trump would make perfect buddies. Two narcissistic orange-skinned douchebags who the world loves to hate. Unfortunately, it seems any bromance has proved shortlived.

Trump was keen to add some star power to his RNC conference in Cleveland last week and reportedly turned to Bieber for help. TMZ reports that the little pop weener “seriously considered” a $5m payment for taking the gig, but his manager Scooter Braun, a major Hillary Clinton supporter, threatened to ditch his ass if JB entered the dark side.

Sources told the gossip site that “GOP donors” had offered Bieber’s CAA agency a fortune to perform at a venue near the convention.

Bieber was reportedly tempted “partly because he’s Canadian and didn’t have a dog in the fight and partly because of the money.” The poor little douche only earned $56m last year, let’s hope he’ll get over the loss.

Trump dancing to Bieber would have been enough to win the election, create world peace, solve global warming and spark Bieber into puberty.

Trump promised lots of celebrities at the RNC convention. He ended up with Scott Baio.

That’s like expecting a hot night of sex with Britney and ending up with a handjob from your gran. is awesome, there are hundreds of FREE TV channels to watch.

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