Chris Brown is always keen to prove to Ginger Clam that he is a true and proper gentleman. The latest incident involving the little scallywag just goes to show that a super douche never disappoints.

Our little pop munchkin returned home from holidays to find a crazed fan allegedly sleeping naked in his bed. Poor Breezy must have thought it was just another one of his hip hop honey’s he’d forgotten to throw out.

The public wanted answers and Breezy gave it to us straight. After rolling up to a recording studio on Monday night, the star bluntly answered a reporter’s question… When asked about why he thought this insane chick broke into his house. His response? “My dick,” Brown yelped. Delightful.

The controversial pop star has decided not to press charges against the naked stranger. He has just prayed for the 21 year old c**k-hungry fan to seek help… Maybe he’ll give her the D after all.

Brown is reportedly tightening up on security, restricting the amount of groupies allowed in and out of his playboy pad.

If you are a young lady and looking for somewhere to hide, Ginger Clam suggets that Chris Brown’s bed may not be the best place. Perhaps first try alligator swamps, high-speed train lines, snake pits or David Hasselhoff’s armpits as a location to rest your weary head. Better to be safe than sorry, gals.

Meanwhile, go to for hundreds of online TV channels.

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