Ginger Clam thinks that it is really unfair that girlfriend-bashing obnoxious weener merchant Chris ‘smack yo bitch up’ Brown gets bad press. Particularly given that new footage shows him stomping on a fan’s head.

That’s right, just when your heart felt like it couldn’t love the little dong any more passionately, he goes and ramps things up to a new level.

Malek Mokrani is the name of the stomp recipient, he had rocked up at the star’s concert in Cannes last month not realising how events would transpire.

Clam fans can make their own minds up about the video evidence here.

Mokrani reportedly went to hospital with neck and head pain and ‘plans on filing a police report’ according to TMZ.

Unsurprisingly, Brown is yet to comment on the incident. He’s probably trying to get the scuff marks off his shoe.

We look forward to the potential courtroom action, Brown will feel comfortable in familiar surroundings.

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