He’s truly one of a kind!

UFC superstar Conor McGregor spotted a flurry of Irish flags with a cardboard cut-out of himself on an LA balcony the other night.

Whilst driving round in Bentley, McGregor heard the owner of the shrine scream to the featherweight champ: “You’re the f***ing man!!”

Conor replied by promising to make the fan’s day by paying him a personal visit – which he duly did the following day.

With the lucky dude in hysterics, McGregor told him: “I’m blown away by this, I drive by a couple of times and I’m like ‘what the f***’, I thought I was seeing things at first… I’m going to put on a show for you.”

The champ is currently preparing for his UFC 196 bout with Nate Diaz which will take place at 170lbs, a whopping 15lbs above the weight McGregor was originally preparing for- the guy’s a machine!!

After this episode we’re team McGregor, what a dude!

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