Well this is awkward!

British superstar Adele tried to spice things up at the launch of her world tour in Belfast last night but things didn’t exactly go to plan.

The ‘Hello’ singer got one crowd member, Hayley from England, Essex,  up on stage to propose to her boyfriend, Neil, who it turns out had already rejected the offer earlier on!

Reeking of desperation this chick wasn’t taking no for an answer and Adele tried her best to help her get the commitment she so badly wanted.

PEOPLE magazine reported that Adele tried to convince Neil, she joked: “I’ve got cameras all around here. I’m making a DVD…I’m going to make you the front cover if you don’t do it.”

She later led the audience to chant “Come on, Neil” and according to TMZ after the ruptures of boo’s the dude reluctantly nodded… like he ever had a choice!

Hayley shouldn’t count her chickens just yet, we reckon Neil’s running for the hills.

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