Harry Styles might look like a pre-pube Caitlyn Jenner disguised as Keira Knightley, but don’t discount the little scallywag just yet… It turns out that 1D’s No.1 ladyboy is set to become a Hollywood superstar actor! How exciting. Not.

Harry’s secret slipstream move on to the silver screen was whispered by a secret source to the Mirror newspaper.

The whistleblower revealed:

“The agency (CAA) has been told to start looking at offers.

Getting him on board would pretty much guarantee a commercial success.”

Styles is now being looked after by one of Hollywood’s biggest hitters, movie agent Nick Styne.

Ginger Clam could definitely recommend the 1D Ladyboy for a lead role in a new Lassie movie. Or perhaps as Lois Lane in the next Superman blockbuster.

Harry’s super agent should try to beef the 1D scarecrow up a bit and get him some action man roles. Styles currently looks as menacing as Hilary Clinton with a loaded tampon.

If there are any developments on this story we’ll not tell you because we’re bored now.

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