Oh dear, oh dear… It wasn’t enough for Tyga to take Kylie’s cherry, now it seems he’s taking the p**s as well.

As you may recall, the tiny rapping douche stepped into the spotlight to gift his underage-no-more girlfriend a hugely extravagant 18th birthday treat – a $450,000 Lamborghini.

There seems to be just one hitch, he reportedly just leased the ride – in Kylie’s name!!!

Holy clam juice, that is one lame ass move. We’re kinda proud of the lil weener.

News of the naughty behaviour comes courtesy of a source blabbing to RadarOnline.

The charming source said:

“He leased it, he couldn’t afford to actually buy one for her. The whole family is concerned Tyga is trying to get his hands on Kylie’s money”.

Clam thinks it is safe to conclude that target number one was: ass. Perhaps target two is ‘money’, but we give the dude the benefit of the doubt.

The source continued:

“Being part of her life, it allowing him to go on crazy vacations and get free stuff thrown at him from everyone. Kylie’s sisters and mom are worried that Tyga is trying to cash in on being with her, she’s young and they think she might not see what is going on.”

Kylie seems mighty happy to us, perhaps the source should chill a little and get his own piece of Kardashian ass.

Radar is claiming that Tyga is ‘broke’. Their source continued:

“He put the lease in her name, so if anything goes wrong financially she’s on the hook paying for it.”

Enjoy the ride, Kylie, you’re paying for it.

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