An amazing mash-up video has captured all the big musical hits of the last 12 months in one great sequence.

Pop Danthology‘ was created by internet genius Daniel Kim  – who describes himself as a “Vancouver-based artist, philosopher, empath, healer, and counsellor with a passion for joy and inner peace, family and marriage ..” (yeah, whatever dude!).

According to Kim, it takes 180 hours to complete each video and a surprisingly complex method to create the mashup. Just looking at the song list, which features everybody from Christine Aguilera to Meghan Trainor (pictured above), makes us wonder how he did it.

Check out the YouTube version of the video. Meanwhile, if you’re into great music then make a must-visit destination throughout 2015. There are hundreds of free web TV channels,  many of which are dedicated to music – including Music Mix USA (see bottom of page), which you can access via PC, tablet or mobile.

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