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Sunday night saw the premiere of HBO’s The Normal Heart, starring Mark Ruffalo and Julia Roberts among others, and directed by Glee’s Ryan Murphy. Set during the height of the AIDS epidemic,  and based on the play by Larry Kramer, the film was sure to evoke strong reactions, and sure enough, Twitter was lit up by people reacting to the film – but just about everyone seemed to love it.

Before it even aired, Glee’s Lea Michele was singing the film’s praises:


Leading lights from across TV land were also quick to congratulate Murphy and the others behind the film:


While The Normal Heart’s fans extended beyond TV, with Broadway star Cheyenne Jackson and author Anne Rice chipping in to wax lyrical:


Those involved in making the film seemed touched by the positive responses across Twitter:

Basically, everyone loved it. Is The Normal Heart the first event to ever completely unite Twitter?

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