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The second half of season four of The Walking Dead premieres this weekend, and fans of the show couldn’t be more excited.

It’s been a long ten weeks since we’ve seen Rick, Carl and everyone else, so we’re here to recap the first eight episodes of this season to give fans and newcomers a gore-filled refresher to the zombie madness that is AMC’s The Walking Dead.

1) Carol is gone

The writers of this show never had a problem with eliminating main characters from the cast and this season is no exception to that rule. Currently, a mysterious disease has been spreading throughout the camp. Carol (Melissa McBride), who has been on the show from the start, killed two of the first to be infected in an effort to stop the disease from spreading. Upon finding out, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) sends her packing and tells her she is not welcome back at the prison.

2) Hershel is dead

The return of the Governor this season meant that he was out for revenge against Rick. After finding a new camp and manipulating them just as well as he did everyone else he ever met, the governor set out with a tank and heavy artillery to take over the prison, with Hershel and Michonne as his hostages. While Rick was trying to change his mind, the Governor beheaded Hershel (Scott Wilson), starting an all-out war between the camps.

3) The Governor is finally dead

After more than an entire season of the Governor’s (David Morrissey) reign of terror, he’s finally gone, following a series of events that fans probably didn’t expect. After attacking Hershel, the Governor and Rick went head-to-head in an all-out brawl that almost lead to Rick’s demise. The Governor then suffered a huge blow when Michonne (Danal Gurira) attacked him with her sword. This of course did not actually kill him, but gave Rick enough time to escape. The Governor’s final departure came when his newest love interest, Lily (Audrey Marie Anderson), shot him in the head.

4) Everyone is sick and the prison is gone

No one figured out what the mystery sickness actually was, but they were able to treat it with antibiotics stolen from hospitals. Still, not everyone had recovered when the Governor attacked the prison, which is now falling apart and overrun by zombies.

5) Whereabouts of Judith unknown

Everyone had to flee the prison once the Governor and his camp were gone, but not everyone was able to leave together or at the same time. In one of the last scenes, we saw baby Judith’s carrier empty except for some blood in the bottom, leading us to assume the worst. But with so many regular plot twists in the show, we’re wary of jumping to conclusions.

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