Justin ‘hasn’t had a good song since Britney dumped him’ Timberlake tried to storm the top amateur s**tfest that is Eurovision last night. Unfortunately it didn’t quite go to plan.

FilmOn viewers joined a bazillion other global onlookers at the event and Trousersnake spotted a clever opportunity to get attention for his new single.

Traditionally, Eurovision has not allowed famous performers to join the line-up of wank-awful competitors for the cheesy music crown.

This year they made an exception and JT unveiled his new track ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’.

Entertainment giants E! slammed the performance:

‘The annual competition, know for its over-the-top costumes, melodramatic (or kooky) performances, its politics and fierce patriotism from the participating nations, is about so much more than a fancy headliner.’

Critics claimed Trousersnake was ‘overshadowed’ by the other amateur fun acts.

JT’s hot wife Jessica Biel was spotted backstage to comfort the little pop pillock after his performance. Let’s hope he got a blowy in the changing rooms after to soothe his woes.

If you care (and you shouldn’t), Ukraine’s Jamala was declared the winner for her cock-flopping song “1944,” which is about ‘atrocities committed by Stalin’. How awesome. Beat that, Trousersnake.

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