Notorious internet prankster Ben Phillips is back … and this time he might have taken things a bit too far!

Ben has become a sensation on YouTube for pranking his poor pal Elliot, who’s suffered all sorts of indignities like being made to sniff pepper sprays and having cat shit dumped in his car.

In Ben’s latest gag, he uses concentrated blue dye to replace Elliot’s shower gel! As usual, there are hidden cameras to capture everything. No surprise, Elliot loses his shit, and his reaction is priceless as he discovers that he now looks like a giant blue Smurf.

Is it too harsh, or is it just f***ing hilarious? Judge for yourself.

* Watch the clip below and if you want to see some more ludicrously crazy shit then head to, the anti-social network which is packed with live stunts and thousands of wicked videos.

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