The stakes were high: £10,000 in cash plus a holiday in Hawaii for the man who can drink the most pepper sauce.

The only catch was that the competition was rigged. Three of the guys taking part in a hot sauce challenge organized by internet joker David Lopez were secretly given weak tomato water.

Only the fourth guy – seen on the far right in a new viral video – was drinking the real deal. The results are hilarious as he struggles to match his pals’ fake prowess. Imagine swallowing a bellyful of the hottest chilli sauce – neat and straight from the bottle.

Needless to say the dude loses his lunch: puking in a plastic bag and then rushing off to the bathroom.

Stupid? Yes. Immature? Yes. F***ing hilarious? You bet.

Watch the video below and enjoy. Meanwhile if you love crazy shit head to, where there are thousands of great clips and live interactive TV.

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