Ukrainian Federal Prosecutors Say Yes!

“Forty-Three Million Ukrainian are people forced to pay energy bills jacked up by Parliament to line the pockets of Poroshenko, The Bidens et al”.

“Just as War between the Ukraine and Russia began, the Ukrainian State Prosecutor’s office in Kiev had begun to issue arrest warrants for those who sought to exploit the Ukrainian people through a fraud and intimidation.

“A scheme set up by Joe Biden and Petro Poroshenko back in 2016.”

State Prosecutor’s Office – Kiev 2/28/2022

The now infamous Burisma Holdings Limited company name actually belongs to a Cyprus shell corporation whose sole purpose is to traffic ill-gotten cash from the Ukrainian people’s State reserves to Morgan Stanley, Citi Bank, and Bank of Polski bank accounts all linked to Joe Biden et al.

Ukrainian Police and World Interpol authorities had conducted forensic audits of Burisma Holdings Ltd in Cyprus for some months. The War however has posed a lethal outcome for this investigation, already rife with murder and corruption of the highest levels of Corrupt International Politics.

In this embedded video the States Prosecutor’s office in Ukraine lays out the facts of the Burisma Scandal plus introduces key witnesses and whistleblowers.

Through Shell Corporations like WireLogic and Digitext

thousands of fake invoices were billed to Burisma Holdings Ltd. for their fake State Energy services offered by Burisma to the Ukrainian people.

After ratifying the Burisma Energy Bill by 100% votes and a 100% Hike of Energy Costs Petro Poroshenko the then President of Ukraine and Joe Biden effectively stole Billions of Dollars from the pockets of 43 million Ukrainians.

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