News for: May 2018

If your face don’t fit, you don’t eat! Fake ‘homeless bum’ tries to book top restaurants

Video prankster poses as down-and-out - but returns an hour later driving a Ferrari. Check out what happened next ..

Welcome to the future of farming! Farmer uses DRONE to shepherd his sheep

By Ginger Clam Irish farmer gets flying gadget to tend to his flock - see amazing video!

You’re not welcome! Kim Kardashian was ‘refused membership to club in LA’

By Ginger Clam Reality star was turned down by The Soho Club, says Hollywood Reporter

He’s alive! Man walks from smoking vehicle after terrifying roll-over crash

By Ginger Clam Miracle escape after car smash is caught on video - see clip here

Nicki Minaj hits London … but is the breast still yet to come?

By Ginger Clam Hip-hop star gets mixed reaction in UK. Keep up with celeb news at

Mariah making whoopee?! Superstar back in the dating game

Pop legend Mariah Carey is reportedly enjoying a steamy romance with some ole famous dude. Ginger Clam spills the beans...

Harris makes Swift move

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift are enjoying a secret romance, Ginger Clam reveals all...

I’m just going to chill, man! Zayn Malik gives first interview about 1D split

By Ginger Clam One Direction star opens his heart about his ‘crazy and wild’ departure

That’s what friends are for! DJ giants clash as Tiesto’s yatch crashes into David Guetta’s Miami dock

By Ginger Clam Pals laugh off boat smash. Meanwhile, enjoy great music channels at

Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose get things off their chest on Instagram

By Ginger Clam Kanye's wife and ex make the breast of their assets on social media!
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