News for: May 2018

Baseball’s Opening Day: Essential Red Sox and Yankees movies

by Christophe Silvey As the MLB season kicks off, FilmOn offers two great films on Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium in a golden age 

The Walking Dead Finale: Fans react via Twitter

by Gabi Chepurny Our heroes finally figure out what's up with Terminus in a finale that goes straight for the jugular (Spoilers)

Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel burst into song

by Miss Lydia The How I Met Your Mother Stars surprise Inside the Actor's Studio with a musical number  

Wrestlemania XXX: 5 things you need to know

by Henry Casey From Daniel Bryan's double duty to The Undertaker's streak, it's time to prepare for New Orleans

MMA Update: GSP headed to surgery, Chris Weidman out, Robbie Lawler back

by David Kano Georges St. Pierre undergoes surgery for his torn ACL and Bravo & Gracie stage their much anticipated rematch.

Sabotage with Arnold Schwarzenegger bombs; Hitchcock’s original keeps the crown

by Christophe Silvey The latest violent shoot em up that the ex-Governor of California has unleashed on his own legacy is a disaster, but FilmOn offers a classic remedy on VOD

Louis CK saves Saturday Night Live with best monologue in years

The comedian avoids needing the crutch of celebrity cameos, but can't cover for subpar sketches

World Cup Update: US hopefuls vie to face Mexico, Victor Valdes injured, UEFA forms Nations League

by Christophe Silvey Glendale, AZ is the scene of the MLS game; Meanwhile, Portugal plays the underdog

MMA’s Georges St. Pierre faces surgery, uncertain future with UFC

by David Kano. The fighter's test results confirmed a torn ACL in his left knee

BaneCat combines Batman and cats for viral success

by Miss Lydia A video of an evil cat inspired by the Dark Knight villain and his helpless owner is taking over the Internetr
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