News for: May 2018

10 perfect New Year’s Eve movies (free on demand now)

by Christophe Silvey From biker gore to rocker lore, trashy spies and Brad Pitt's lead debut, great movies to kick off 2014

Could, Should and Will: Tech predictions for 2014

by Henry T. Casey Apple, Google, Microsoft and Samsung all have some homework to do

A rough guide to homemade celebrity selfies

by Sarah Crow It takes work to win the Internet Kim Kardashian-style. But you can learn

Could, Should and Will: Movie predictions for 2014

by Henry T. Casey While we’re hoping for an Amanda Bynes comeback, we’ll have to focus on awards for Chiwetel Ejiofor and plenty of Kate Upton

Ani DiFranco is not very sorry about her slave plantation party

by Jillian Rayfield The latest epic sort-of-apology from a star online was for an epic oversight having to do with a planned retreat in Louisiana

What will President Obama watch when he finishes Breaking Bad?

by Jillian Rayfield The Couch-Potato-In-Chief has some really dark taste in TV. Some recommendations...

Could, Should and Will: Music world predictions for 2014

by Henry T. Casey Will a post-Beyoncé world be any different? Can Trent Reznor bring cred to Dr. Dre? How do you follow up Yeezus?

Rock band U2 to be honored with Sonny Bono Visionary Award

by TV Mix Staff Bono and fellow members of the Irish rock outfit set to receive unique award never before given to a band

Michael Schumacher’s skiing accident brings an outpouring of support from F1 world and beyond

by Gabi Chepurny Bill Clinton, Mario Andretti and even David Hasslehoff took to Twitter in reaction to the Formula One star’s injuries

Why Jenna Marbles isn’t just for teenaged girls anymore. Guys, meet your next crush

by Miss Lydia The YouTube sensation is in possession of smarter and dirtier jokes than any of your friends
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