Swissx Reveals New Products from Reggae’s Marlon “Ganja Farmer” Asher

The Trinidadian Reggae legend Marlon Asher released a new version of his marijuana anthem “Ganja Farmer” last month with enhanced sound and a key lyric change: Half way through the song he gives Swissx a shout out. “That was a very nice surprise,” said

Hologram Karaoke Madness: Andy Dick Licked My Face

Photography by Brian To   The technology and entertainment company Hologram USA marked its foray into original content production with its upcoming series, Hologram Karaoke Battles, which began taping on Thursday. The series revolves around the lounge’s highly competitive twice-weekly karaoke contests and is

Bohemian Rapture: Freddie Mercury Look Alike Contest Takes Hollywood

Chief Keef’s The Cozart Shakes Up Drill Scene

Jeff Goldblum Unveils Star In Front of Hologram USA Theater

Where the Royal Wedding Never Ends

Swissx Celebrates Flagship Store With Wellness and Good Vibes

Gloria Allred Bashed for Shady Roy Moore Move, Other False Attacks

Surprise Chief Keef Hologram Listening Party in Hollywood Announced

How to Watch the Global Goals Mobile Show featuring Coldplay

by Rufus Ashmount The epic United Nations backed show featuring a behind the scenes look at the Global Citizen Festival featuring Rihanna, Metallica and Major Lazer, is free on mobile
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