News for: May 2018

Global excitement builds over Battle Rap screening

By Ginger Clam 'Virus' extravaganza set for PPV broadcast this Sunday

I’m not doing it! Justin Bieber has a hissy fit and storms off stage in Norway

By Ginger Clam Pop brat says sorry after outburst over spilled drink

Gigi’s wiggle wows Victoria’s Secret bosses during catwalk audition

By Ginger Clam Video shows model bursting into tears after being hired

Taylor Swift tells of relationship anxiety … and files counter claim in ‘grope lawsuit’

By Ginger Clam World’s highest paid pop star opens her heart – and unleashes her attorneys

Zombie apocalypse! Video hoaxers scare the hell out of victims in Halloween prank

By Ginger Clam You don't wanna run into these guys after dark

Lamar Odom ‘needs a kidney transplant and may face charges over cocaine’

By Ginger Clam Tragic star has huge battles ahead, say latest reports

A-Hole of the Week: Pat Sechrist of BMG events and Aedifix

By Rufus Ashmount Our newest feature points out the worst offenders of human decency (and business!) worldwide. Want to avoid making the cut like Pat Sechrist and his poor dad's company BMG Event Productions did?

Honey, I killed the kid! And the worst boyfriend of the year award goes to …

By Ginger Clam Roman Atwood tricks his girlfriend with an evil prank

Scaredy cat? Amazing video shows furry pet attacking an ALLIGATOR!

By Ginger Clam This guy shows who's a real pussy

Thicke shaken

By Ginger Clam Pop star admits being 'high and drunk' for a full year of interviews
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