News for: May 2018

Perry’s parents reveal she’s ready to kick Swift’s butt

By Ginger Clam Pop fight reignited

Bieber gives Trump the hump

By Ginger Clam Pop star rebuffs $5m offer

Usher causes chaos on Manhattan streets playing ping-pong

By Ginger Clam "Shutting down 6th Ave NYC"

Joe Jonas plays Shag, Marry, Kill!

By Ginger Clam Nick's got the pick of the Jonas weeners!

Mila Kunis swallows a cow’s tongue!

By Ginger Clam Spill Your Guts Or Fill Your Guts!

Crazy cat perfoms wild dance moves with Mommy in car

By Ginger Clam Viral video racks up over a million views

Motorcyclist gets wiped out in frightening crash

By Ginger Clam Crazy car accident goes viral with almost 2 million views

Real-life Lion King is a big beast on social media!

By Ginger Clam Big cat whisperer is a global sensation

Jimmy Kimmel thinks Matt Damon’s a dick

By Ginger Clam Honk if you're Bourney

Dog’s owner barks up the wrong tree!

By Ginger Clam Crazy dog video goes viral
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