News for: May 2018

Occupy Movement Launches TV Channel, Tea Party Attacks

by O. Karpinsky FilmOn Networks launches “TV for the 99%," consolidating all the TV output of Occupy--the right wing goes on high alert

Battle Rap TV’s Cassidy vs. Dizaster on, trailer released (Video)

by Tom Paul Jones Alki David's FilmOn Networks and Lush One released a trailer announcing a lyrical weigh-in and press conference for the epic pay-per-view bout

Alki David sued over FilmOn stunt (exclusive video)

by Tom Paul Jones "Alki David is a great guy to work for!" Josh Skinner said moments after the incident in which he alleges he was injured at FilmOn Studios

Homer Simpson hologram at Comic-Con has Rupert Murdoch’s Fox under fire

by Tom Paul Jones The multi-billion dollar Simpsons juggernaut is in hot water over license fees, acting above the law

FilmOn blasts Networks over New York contempt case

by Tom Paul Jones The internet TV provider called out CBS and the networks out for violating business norms, wasting court's time

Hologram Politics coming to Washington D.C.

by Tom Paul Jonesy The buzzy technology company Hologram USA invades the Beltway, intending to change politics as we know it

Exclusive! Lindsay Lohan Will Release Tell All Book With Dirty Laundry List

FilmOn’s Ginger Clam released a story today about Lindsay Lohan’s tell all book that is coming soon. Jesus EFFING Christ please no!!!! Anyway… apparently there’s a dirty laundry list of Lindsay’s sexcapades coming with it! So maybe I’ll suffer nausea and vomiting just a little so

Battlecam’s Crazyboy13 to get tattoo of Alki David’s face on live TV

by Tom Paul Jones On the ultimate social television network a devoted fan will get the Greek billionaire's face tattooed on his body on camera

FilmOn adds 24/7 urban music video channel with Who?Mag

by Christophe Silvey Video Vision recalls the glory days of early BET and The Box with videos from stars like Pitbull, GZA and KRS-One
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