News for: May 2018

Brucey gets a pussy

After years of rumours, sensational confirmation that Jenner is 'transitioning to a woman'. Yipee!

The Super Selfie! Ellen DeGeneres gets pally with Kanye, Bieber and Sam Smith

Chat host posts celebrity snap on Instagram, but will it break the web? Meanwhile head to for great entertainment

Video prankster pretends to be serial killer Michael Myers – but is chased away by ‘victim’

Web jokers get nasty shock when neighbour refuses to be intimidated. See more great clips at

Wakeboard daredevil performs crazy stunts while being pulled along by a Ferrari!

Teenager rides behind supercar on a countryside river. If you love extreme sports then head to

You got nothing! Taylor Swift responds to hackers after threat to dump ‘nude photos’ on net

Star sends tweet after her social media accounts come under cyber attack. Keep up with latest news at

Meet the dogs that love tennis! Cute canines act as ‘ball boys’ in amazing viral video

Talented animals wow crowds at Venus Williams showcase match. Meanwhile, for top sport and entertainment head to

Media world rallies to save young journalist Amy Watts from colon cancer

by Rufus Ashmount Friends have formed and international effort to save the L.A. based entertainment writer who was diagnosed with color cancer at age 37

Lady Gaga reveals that her bendy body is elastic in photo posted on Instagram

Poke Face star adopts yoga pose to make you blush! Go to for more great entertainment on live TV

She’s at it again! Miley Cyrus goes topless in the ocean with Patrick Schwarzenegger

Singer photographed splashing about in bikini bottoms. For more celebrity news go to

Is this the coolest dad ever? Father pranks family by filling house with thousands of balls!

Just wait until you get to see his wife's reaction to this epic adventure! If you like funny stunts check out
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