Cavacho couldn’t take the heat in the Cavahole challenge at FilmOn’s Beverly Hill studios, leaving before the first 24 hours were complete. BattleCam vets “Barbiekiller” and “Bong Rip” are raced to the studio. Who ever arrived first would be the King or Queen of the hole–the loser will be that person’s slave. Bong Rip (a male who frequently cross-dressed) won the race and the hole is now to be named the Bong Hole. BattleCammer “Natasha’s” gimp, “Cruisin” will join as well.

Here’s our reporters account of Cavacho’s first hours of captivity:

BattleCam‘s Cavacho arrived at the studio today at 10 a.m. to prepare for his voluntary captivity in the Cavahole. Among his posessions included a box of Nicotine patches and a box of condoms — purposees for the latter remain unknown, according to the studio staff.

As planned, Cacavho entered his new home for the next 30 days at 1 p.m. dressed in a pair of shorts, a BattleCam T-shirt, a helmet and Crocs. We can report that his shoes smelled very bad. According to one FilmOn staff member, Cavacho is quite possibly “the most unsanitary human ever.”

Potential dirtiness aside, Cavacho seems in good spirits, using the computer in the Cavahole to chat with other BattleCammers. He divulges some secrets of his past, including previous troubles with drugs — Cavacho has been sober for over four years now. If we’re getting these kinds of reflections before the sun even sets, I can’t imagine what later days will bring. We could be going down the rabbit hole of one man’s psyche.

Not too long into Cavacho’s captivity, fellow BattleCammer and cooking afficianado Justin showed up with a package of adult diapers. Cavacho was instructed by David remotely to remove his clothing and cover his genitals with his helmet until he could get into a diaper. In a show of solidarity, Justin also temporarily pulled an adult diaper on over his clothes.

When asked about the Cavahole experiment, Justin said, “I’m excited. I think it’s gonna be a great success for BattleCam seeing that he goes through the full 30 days. It’s just gonna be another milemarker in BattleCam’s success.”

Cavacho had no problems swapping his clothing for the diaper and shoves his remaining belongings through the hatch. As he settled in, we left the studio to allow former supermodel/reality TV star Janice Dickinson to take her scheduled time slot on FilmOn. Janice is in charge of feeding Cavacho today with plans to throw a pepperoni pizza at him. Yum.

You can check in on the Cavahole mayhem 24/7 for the next 30 days on FilmOn.

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