The Wendy Davis Star Wars ad: Showdown in Texas

by Gabi Chepurny The gubernatorial candidate can't seem to shake the haters as Attorney General Gregg Abbot releases attack ad

India officially recognizes transgender citizens as a third gender

by Sarah Crow An Indian court announced Tuesday that it will offer equality to citizens who don't fit traditional male/ female definitions as a matter of "human rights"

India Elections: Narendra Modi leads with massive hologram campaign

By Todd Gilchrist If the Bharatiya Janata Party prevails in the country’s upcoming election it may be thanks to a high tech approach

Stephen Colbert replaces David Letterman, Twitter goes apeshit

By Gabi Chepurny Internet and media pundits took to social media to offer their thoughts about the Comedy Central star moving to CBS

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg unfriends Obama over NSA spying

By Todd Gilchrist Zuckerberg contacted the President following reports that the government agency breached his site’s security protocols to obtain information about its users

Obama Between Two Ferns jokes: Drones, Bush and Obamacare

By Todd Gilchrist The United States Commander in Chief made an appearance with Zach Galifianakis on the Funny or Die series to promote the Affordable Care Act

Nazis in New York? Dov Hikind’s over the top scare campaign hits the streets

By Todd Gilchrist A democratic Assemblyman launched an ad campaign promising to rid the United States of all illegal war criminals

FAA grounds flower delivery drones, declaring war on Valentine’s Day

By Todd Gilchrist Michigan-based FlowerDeliveryExpress.com learned Wednesday that federal regulations prohibit use of the unmanned devices

Tom Brokaw reports from Sochi despite cancer diagnosis

By Ariel Schudson The iconic news anchor announced Tuesday that he is receiving treatment for a disease that affects the blood cells in bone marrow

George Soros’ ex-girlfriend unveils surprising legal strategy: Punching

By Todd Gilchrist After being rebuffed from recording Soros' deposition, Adriana Ferreyr knocked loose the 83-year-old's hearing device, forcing his attorneys to intervene
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