How would you react if you heard a pair of strangers having enthusiastic sex in a public washroom? Would you walk away in disgust, call the cops … or grab your smartphone and try to film the action?

Judging from a new prank video on YouTube created by Key Fork TV, the average American is likely to use their phone to do the latter.

An team of internet jokers used a pair of sneakers that were strategically placed under a cubicle door to make it look as if some full-on ass-rutting was taking place.

The reactions of passers-by in the resulting viral footage are hilarious. Amid screams of “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”, two dudes try to film the action on their phones while a third throws a condom into the bathroom.

We know it’s childish – but here at Ginger Clam we pride ourselves on toilet humour … so watch and enjoy.

* If you like crazy shit you may also wanna check out, the anti-social media site where there are thousands of great videos plus live interactive TV.

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