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For most Americans, there’s no higher sign of achievement than kicking your heels up in the Oval Office and knowing that when “Hail to the Chief” plays, those dulcet tones are meant for you.

However, when you’re as young and optimistic a president as Barack Obama, you know that making it to the White House isn’t the last stop before you sink into your easy chair for and wait for the long sleep — there are basketball games to be played, Beyonce concerts to take Sasha and Malia to, and plenty of communities left to organize.

While Obama could easily get back on the horse in Chicago when his tenure in Washington is over, it looks like he’s got his back up plan pretty well figured out. During a recent visit to Jeffrey Katzenberg‘s DreamWorks Animation campus, Barry O revealed to Disney CEO Robert Iger, under whose umbrella ESPN falls, “At least I know what I want to do when I retire… host ESPN SportsCenter‘s Top 10 list.”

Should the commander-in-chief’s resume fall short of SportsCenter‘s undoubtedly rigid hiring requirements, we’ve got a few ideas for where his talents could be best used.

Late Night TV: Let’s face it: We may have traded Conan off a major network for a Jay and two Jimmys, but late night TV hosts are all the same kind of guy telling the same kind of joke. The president has proved how funny and likeable he is in his countless late night interviews, and it wouldn’t hurt to have someone with a bit of actual star power on one of those shows for once.

Follow Bill Clinton’s Lead: Of course, Obama doesn’t have all of the messy personal issues that ol’ Slick Willy did that made it so easy for him to keep a lower profile following his years as president, but did just spend eight years in a pretty high-stress job, so it might not kill him to so some charity work, give some speeches, and let Michelle take the wheel for a bit. He’ll need to get in some practice living a more normal life in preparation for when she’s president, anyway.

Ghost Out Like Dubya: While Obama has probably had the most star-supported presidency in recent history, his legacy in office is far from spotless. From Gitmo to Benghazi, Obama’s flubbed plenty of times during his presidency, making him the target of plenty of well-deserved ire, and we can’t say we’d be envious of all of the hate mail about his Kenyan communism he’ll be getting if he remains in the public eye. So, perhaps, he should take a page from George W. Bush’s post-presidency playbook and take it witness protection program style. Write an autobiography that doesn’t sell terrifically. Hang out with the wife. Paint some dogs.

Cigar maker: We all know Obama’s good at keeping things tight, whether he’s participating in wife Michelle’s “Let’s Move” campaign or allegedly covering up details in 2012’s Benghazi attack. Given his recent fondness for Cuba — and his well-known fondness for smoking — the Commander-in-Chief seems like a perfect candidate for a life of leisure in the land of embargoes as a cigar maker. He’s already got the outfit down.

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