hemp honey

Even the purest CBD oils—the hemp products with no psychoactive effects that are exciting consumers across America for their wellness benefits–are around 50% CBD–with newcomer Swissx winning the race at 57%. So what else is in there? The best components of a great and healthy CBD oil are turning out to be Bee Pollen and Coconut Oil.

Bee Pollen has many benefits–since its almost pure protein and a major antioxidant. It is believed quality bee pollen can help with energy, memory and sleep problems. But only Swissx gets its bee pollen from Spetses, in the Greek Islands. The bees of the Greek Islands are known to produce the healthiest honeys on earth, and those benefits are also powerful in the pollen. On the island of Spetses where the bees pollinate thyme and orange trees as well as the famous Abrutus andrachne, the Greek strawberry tree.

Another superfood added to great CBD oils is virgin coconut oil, whose MCT saturated fats are known to have therapeutic effects on the brain. With all this going for it its amazing CBD is only just now finding mainstream demand. The fact that the newest, purest CBD oils, like Swissx from Gstaad, Switzerland, is suddenly on the shelves of high end health food stores from Malibu to Beverly Hills says alot–this stuff is here to stay.

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