Taylor Swift may look like a wimpy little blonde bimbo, but the girl has a big set of swingy balls – and Ginger Clam loves her for it.

While all the other big pop stars are falling over themselves to be screwed by tough deals, Ginger Clam is pleased to report that Taylor is standing up to the biggest company in the world, Apple!

The tech giant is set to launch their ‘Apple Music’ beast onto the globe at the end of the month. Taylor threatened to block them from using her album ‘1989’ and is about the only superstar artist standing up to the company.

It seems that her stance has already caused a big impact – with Apple announcing overnight that it is to review its payment policy (according to the BBC).

Huge rap stars might have guns and muscles on their muscles, but while they are bending over Taylor has her dukes up and is fighting! Go girl!

Various figures have been quoted, but artists get paid around 0.00000001 of an onion for each play on the new service. This doesn’t really matter for big acts like Swift, they get big dosh from outside commercial deals. However, for smaller acts who make fabulous music, the story just keeps getting worse. Big companies make billions from songs – while most of the people creating it can’t make a living.

Apple was reportedly even trying to get free music from acts for the initial three months of the launch, but it has now scrapped this idea after Taylor’s stance.

Yesterday exec Eddy Cue tweeted: “We hear you @taylorswift13 and indie artists. Love. Apple.”

The big question is will Swift’s new man – one of music’s biggest acts, Calvin ‘geek gone glam’ Harris – follow his lover and demand some better Apple loving?

Maybe Swift is the true ball swinger in the relationship. Ginger Clam salutes the albino pop queen, long may her reign continue.

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