Imagine being stuck in an elevator when a crazy dude starts doing a load of martial arts shit, just like something from Street Fighter.

That’s exactly what happens in the latest hilarious viral video from internet joker FouseyTUBE, who’s back with a new instalment of his famous ‘elevator prank’.

Just like in the two previous videos, the stunt is set in an elevator and the targets are innocent people who’ve no idea that a mad ninja is about to be unleashed on their ass.

In this edition the main character from Street Fighter is Ryu, with a guest appearance from Chun Li.

When the elevator doors close, they pounce on their victims, throwing air shots and punches.

Naturally, the targets absolutely shit themselves! It’s cruel, but hilarious.

Watch the clip below. Meanwhile, if you love crazy stuff then check out, the social site where there are live stunts, wild videos and guaranteed mayhem.

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