Pokemon GO hunters were shocked to find two randy f***ers humping in a London field!

Instead of catching Charmander and co, they stumbled across a man burying his head in a pair of jigglypuffs…. mmm jigglypuffs.

Apparently the Pokemon enthusiasts were just standing around watching, with the shaggers not really giving a f**k.

Most people would have run off but this lot couldn’t resist a peak-or-two (get it, pi-ka-chu!), taking an array of naughty pics and uploading them to Snapchat.

One bystander said to the Metro“The couple really did not seem to be bothered at all that everyone was stood around watching them.”

Incredibly, it was also reported that one guy allegedly lost his temper with the half-naked man, and a scuffle took place! We wonder if he used his sword!

Cops were apparently called in the end – what a ridiculous report that must have been!

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