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Sunday starts Daylight Savings Time, which means we all are forced to spring forward and lose a precious hour of the weekend. But it’s not all bad; not only does this mean longer days for the next few months, but you can ease into the time change with a slew of new alarm clock apps.

Oscar Mayer has expanded their bologna roots and created a bacon alarm system. This app coaxes you out of sleep with the sound of sizzling meat, and with the help of an added device, even the smell of it. Although the sound app is free to download, you have to participate in an online contest to win the plug-in that emits the bacon smell.

There will be 4,700 lucky winners and the contest lasts until April 4.  For more details and to watch their strangely sensual, promotional video, click here. And strangely enough, this isn’t the first time bacon’s been used in an alarm app (see Bacon Alarm Clock or Bacon o’clock).

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In honor of the bacon app, here’s five non-meat-related alarm systems for every type of sleeper:

1.     The Sleep Cycle: An old favorite, this alarm wakes you during your lightest sleep –which is supposed to make you feel more rested for the rest of the day. The app charts your movements during sleep and then picks the optimal time to go off during a 30- minute window before your set alarm time.  Start your day zen. (Cost: $0.99)

2.     The Carrot: Not for the faint of heart, this alarm is meant to yank you out of bed with everything new technology has to offer. A combination of speech, song and good ol’ fashioned iphone games, The Carrot will try everything to get you out of bed (even promise you ice cream for breakfast, or threaten to kill your cat.) (Cost: $1.99)

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3.     Farm Alarm Clock: This app is pretty bare bones, but how many bells and whistles do you need with a program that wakes you up to the sound of baby animals. The alarm features neighing horses to oinking pigs – accompanied by adorable photos of the animals. (Cost: Free)

4.     SpeakToSnooze: Hitting the snooze button can be great, but it always takes a few uncomfortable moments to get back into the sleep zone afterwards. This alarm sidesteps this morning struggle, by making the app voice-activated. You can ask the phone what time it is, tell it when to set the alarm for and merely say “Alarm off” to grab a few more winks before it’s time to face the day. (Cost: Free)

5.     Rise Alarm Clock: Simple and streamlined, this is an app for the TCOB morning person. The design is simple and functional. It includes an easily navigable display and the ability to set multiple alarms. This clock won’t just wake you up to the sound of music or nature, it’ll help put you to sleep through a playlist you build yourself.  (Cost: $1.99)

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