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Watch the most badass cheerleader EVER! Amazing video of gravity-defying flips

We couldn't stop clicking replay on this epic piece of footage. For more great clips go to

E3 Nerdgasm: The 7 games that matter

by Kyle Robinson The Expo gave video game geeks must play games--like Mario Maker and Assassin's Creed Unity--for the heavy duty new platforms

Tetris turns 30: Humanity mourns millions of hours wasted

by Miss Lydia New video revelas how the OG version of Candy Crush has been mindf*cking you for the last three decades

Call of Duty declares ‘Advance Warfare’ on its Biggest Threat

by Henry T. Casey Titanfall, from original Duty co-creators, for X-box, has the Gaming Platform kings under attack

E.T. video game cartridges found buried in desert landfill

by Miss Lydia The 'world's worst video game' did the walk of shame all the way to the New Mexico desert 

South Park video game shocker: The Stick of Truth kicks ass

by Henry T. Casey Matt Stone and Trey Parker finally have a match made in 18–35 male demographic heaven

Daylight Savings Time: 5 crazy alarm clock apps to help you deal

by Hayley Fox Oscar Mayer has created a bacon alarm system, but that's not the only innovative app to get you out of bed

Video Game Movies: The 7 worst adaptations ever

by Kyle Collins From Double Dragon to Super Mario Brothers, these are the worst translations of classic video games to the silver screen

Mob Wives’ Karen Gravano sues Grand Theft Auto V

by Henry T. Casey The star of the VH1 show puts the Rockstar Games franchise in the crosshairs over a bit of pixelated satire

Flappy Bird: 5 reasons the creator pulled the plug

by Kyle Robinson The addictive game ruined lives, then disappeared. Why did Dong Nguyen give it to us and then take it away?
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