Floyd Money Mayweather (45-0) has done it again. He has spoken, rather tweeted, that his next opponent on May 3 would be Argentinian Marcos Maidana (35-3), who is coming off a decision victory over former undefeated fighter Adrien Broner.

A few months back, it seemed British star Amir Khan was the front runner in the Mayweather sweepstakes, but it was Maidana that Mayweather decided on.

Does Maidana even stand a chance? I would say a slim chance, just because Maidana does posses knockout power, but for him to fight the best defensive boxer in history and to try to put Mayweather down, seems like an uphill battle to me.

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Maidana does have good skills, but Mayweather has always been a little bit better than his 45 opponents and I see nothing changing for number 46.

The only matchup that seems like it would be a good fight for Mayweather would be against Manny Pacquiao, but that’s not happening at this point.

Boxing has enabled the top boxers in the world to choose who they want to fight, rather than force fighters to face each other based on ratings.

I’ve been critical of Mayweather for not facing Pacquiao when the two were in their prime five years ago, but that hasn’t stopped viewers from buying Mayweather pay per views.

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Will that fight eventually happen? Who knows, but both fighters are Hall of Fame boxers, with Pacquiao winning belts in eight different weight classes and Mayweather being undefeated and still a huge draw no matter who he fights.

Sad to see that the fans of this era will never truly know who was the real champion of this era, when in fact it could have happened. We can merely speculate about super fights of the past, but this is one superfight that could have happened…

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