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Thanks to CBS, the show that tries so hard to be funny was renewed for another three seasons and will be on until 2017. That gives everyone’s parents three more years to find something else to watch during that awkward window after a holiday meal but before all the adult kids peel out of the neighbor with screeching tires.

Three more years of putting up with Jim Parson’s whiny Sheldon voice, forced nerd jokes, and poor comedic timing. And worst of all: Three more years of Hollywood’s pretty boy interpretations of nerd hairstyles.

Big Bang Theory first captured the hearts of Americans who don’t understand humor back in 2007. Three more seasons will give it a total life span of 10 years, which is equal to Law and Order and FRIENDS. That’s a full decade that American television will never get back. But like a bad marriage, we’ll have to ride it out and try to put the past behind us.

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