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Relive the moment when Steve Harvey fouled-up at the Miss Universe pageant!

By Ginger Clam See video they're all talking about - as comedian crowns wrong beauty queen!

FilmOn Ruling Not the End of The World

by Jeff Stevens Five things you need to know about the media reaction to the big compulsory license win for Alki David's FilmOn

Turtley crazy! Cute video reveals shelled reptiles in battle, or maybe they’re just in love …

Tortoise footage is hit on social media, but are the creatures in love or at war? Watch the clip to decide for yourself, and for more great videos go to

Watch the most badass cheerleader EVER! Amazing video of gravity-defying flips

We couldn't stop clicking replay on this epic piece of footage. For more great clips go to

CBS, HBO cave, join FilmOn and Aereo in 21st century

by Tom Paul Jones As the majors finally start to get on the cord cutting bandwagon, he importance of a Supreme Court decision becomes even more obvious

Is the Supreme Court Aereo ruling actually the death of the bundle?

by Tom Paul Jones The very rule the Networks counted on to stifle innovation has given FilmOn Networks and streaming TV exactly what it needed

Brady Bunch’s Alice, Ann B. Davis, remembered on Twitter

by Gabi Chepurny Everyone's favorite housekeeper says goodbye

Ricky Gervais takes the piss out of religion, returns on “Derek”

by Jaime Nelson The atheist comedian's latest show avoids his usual attacks on religion 

Gotham trailer debuts, and Batman fans are actually happy

by Miss Lydia Low expectations for Fox's show about the Caped Crusader's childhood were confounded 

24 Live Another Day: Can Jack Bauer become America’s James Bond?

Jaime Nelson Kiefer Sutherland is certainly no Sean Connery, but his character might be able to channel suave British spy style
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