Peter Ness knows how to have fun! The dude has become a viral sensation after uploading footage of blackjack dealers welcoming ‘Mr. P.Ness’ to the table!

The victims of the prank instantly get the gag as soon as they repeat his name … some find it hysterical, whilst a few appear to be appalled – lighten up losers, he’s just dicking around.

Our favourite reaction has to be the guy pictured above, who uncontrollably burst out laughing – wait till he here’s about

Here are some of the best quotes from the dealers:

“How are you P.Ness”

“Hello P.Ness (laughs) sorry about that, that’s an interesting name you have.”

“Hi P.Ness, oh you got me, you got me good!”

Top prank, it might be childish but The Ginger Clam loves it and we love you P.Ness!

* Watch the viral video below and if you love crazy shit then head to – the anti-social network there are thousands of great videos and you can star in your own TV show.    

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