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Martial arts: peace, serenity, sportsmanship, self-defense… All true of course for mixed martial artists, but sometimes — sometimes there’s just bad blood between two fighters. And who doesn’t like that once in awhile?

Two individuals with pure disdain for the other, going at it, wanting to inflict the maximum amount of damage and win the fight. These are the type of fights that get fans excited and go back to the days of Tito Ortiz vs. Ken Shamrock, Rashad Evans vs. Rampage Jackson, B.J. Penn vs. Jens Pulver and so forth.

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Finally, in 2014 that fight will happen when Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva fight to shut the other one up. In 2010, while Sonnen and Silva were in a van for a promo, Silva confronted Sonnen with some of his comments he made about Brazil. The look on Sonnen’s face said it all — even though he finished the conversation by not saying a word, the anger could be seen on his face here.

The UFC’s new promo for TUF Brazil (which already has over 1 million views) shows the two in a scuffle in street clothes here

I’m looking forward to this TUF season, which I estimate will be one of the highest rated ever; and the fight between Sonnen and Silva has moved from Las Vegas to Brazil which should make things even more interesting.

UFC Fight Night Kim vs. Hathaway

On Saturday, the UFC saw the culmination of their first TUF China series at UFC Fight Night. In the main event, South Korean Dong Hyun Kim (19-2-1) knocked out John Hathaway (17-2) in the third round with spinning back elbow that put Hathaway out cold. The win was Kim’s fourth straight and has him in discussion for one of the top welterweights in the world. I’m not ready to put him their yet, but a good quality win for the 32-year-old Asian.

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Matt Mitrione (7-3) got back in the winners circle with a knockout at the end of the first round over Shawn Jordan (15-6). With 12 seconds left and the round coming to a close, Mitrione put on a flurry of punches and referee Dan Mirgliotta called an end to the fight with one second remaining.


Looks like Bellator is employing some WWE tactics. After King Mo Lawal and Rampage Jackson won their fights on Friday, the two men — who will fight against each other in the light heavyweight tournament final — began a heated dialogue inside the cage against the other. But, is reporting that this “scene” was pre-planned, as both were given easy fights, so the two could face each other

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To be honest, you didn’t have to be a reporter or expert to see a bad scene from ‘Days of Our Lives’ being played out. I’ll give Bellator an ‘A’ for effort in trying to draw a bigger audience and compete with the UFC, but a ‘C’ in execution and ‘D’ in creativeness. I’m a fan of President Bjorn Rebney, just hope they are able to make their promotion more story driven so fans take an interest in their fighters.

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