Sunday’s season premiere of The Real Housewives of Atlanta showed Cynthia Bailey facing some familiar family issues. It also teased viewers with some explosive fights in store and the return of a controversial character.

In an exclusive interview with TVMix, Cynthia dished about the women’s fashionable friend, Marlo Hampton. She’s not an official cast member, but she will be stirring up some trouble in the show’s sixth season.

She starred alongside NeNe Leakes in her super successful spin-off series, I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding and her over-the-top personality was a focal point of the series.

“I was always friends with Marlo through NeNe, even though we met her at the same time. They connected and we didn’t really. We were never friends, but not enemies either,” she said. “We never really hung out.”

While Cynthia played nice during most of the tense moments, there were times viewers could see she was quite irritated: “Being with her as a bridesmaid, there were definitely several situations where she wasn’t being a team player. The whole ‘not wearing the blue dress’ thing just drove me crazy. Who does that?”

Marlo nearly ruined a few festive occasions during NeNe’s lavish wedding weekend. “You are a bridesmaid,” Cynthia continued. “It is your duty to wear stuff you don’t feel like wearing sometimes. That’s just part of it. You definitely shouldn’t stress the bride out.”

The badly behaved bridesmaid has befriended RHOA’s villain, Kenya Moore, and will be spotted on more than one episode this season.

“She makes a few appearances and our relationship is pretty cordial,” says Cynthia of Moore.

Cynthia’s sometimes troubled relationship with her husband, Peter Thomas, will be a main storyline this season. She admits she has gained some insight from the show’s sadder moments and that they’ve helped her understand her partner better.

“When the whole thing with the marriage certificate happened, that was something that took Peter a very long time to move past. I realized by watching how hurt he really was,” she said. “Seeing it on television was like, ‘Wow, I didn’t realize how damaging this was to him and our relationship until I saw it play out on TV.'”

The couple will face financial hardship and a foreclosure this season as well as some health scares and parenting problems. The former super model is gearing up for a wild ride.

“There’s nothing like watching your life fall apart in HD,” she said. “It’s crystal clear.”

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