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Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of the most popular online forum today, has called out the FCC on their net neutrality nonsense.

Huffington Post Live aired Ohanian calling the Federal Communications Commission, yes, on the telephone, and getting pushed up to a person of higher position who could maybe, possibly do something about his complaint.

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While users have discussed net neutrality for years on Reddit, this is the first time someone associated with the site has made a public statement about it while also making an actual phone call to tell the FCC that net neutrality has a very important place in our technological world.

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Net neutrality may have been an issue for years but it wasn’t really brought to the table until earlier this year when the FCC proposed new measure that would make it more expensive to access faster internet speeds. The could theoretically harm small businesses who don’t’ have the money to pay for the higher speeds and therefore can’t get their content out in the way big businesses can.

“It goes beyond what movies you watch, what videos you watch on the Internet, what TV shows you’re watching,”  Alki David, the founder and CEO of FilmOn told Esquire magazine last month. “It’s about shaping what public opinion is. It’s about a handful of individuals who get to control the packaging of information, which companies get to have a message, and where you get to watch it or read it or hear about it. It’s about controlling the whole nine.”

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