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Monday nights episode of The Colbert Report brought us literally the “Craziest F*cking thing I’ve Ever Heard” and ironically, it’s an ear. Van Gogh’s ear, to be specific.

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Housed at a museum in Germany and created by U.S. – based artist Diemut Strebe, the ear is the product of DNA from van Gogh’s great-great-nephew, Lieuwe van Gogh.

The ear is stored in a nutrient-rich solution (ew) and as part of the exhibit, visitors can TALK TO IT through a microphone (EW). Theoretically, the ear could last for years, meaning longtime fans of van Gogh’s work could make the pilgrimage, if need be, to “speak” to the artist, however creepy and weird it may be.

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Colbert freaked out over the ear, which was cut from its owner by his own hand way back in 1888 during a psychotic episode. The TV show host had but one question for van Gogh’s re-created ear, “Why, God? Why?”

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We’re asking ourselves the same thing.

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