Apologies Archive

Usher defends Justin Bieber’s use of N-word. Why?

by Gabi Chepurny The 35-year-old singer's got his protégé's back, despite racist remarks

US Airways’ very NSFW customer complaint response photo

By Todd Gilchrist The airline inadvertently responded with a shocking photo involving a toy plane

Cosmos evolution segment cut from Oklahoma City broadcast

By Todd Gilchrist The act of a God-fearing switchboard operator replaced 15 seconds of Sunday night's series premiere with a local news promotion

Madonna apologizes for calling her (white) son the N-word

By Todd Gilchrist The Queen of Pop offered a mea culpa after using the word on Instagram as ‘a term of endearment’

Ani DiFranco is not very sorry about her slave plantation party

by Jillian Rayfield The latest epic sort-of-apology from a star online was for an epic oversight having to do with a planned retreat in Louisiana

Julianne Hough commits blackface faceplant at party for “Oprah’s favorite tequila”

By Gabi Chepurny The country singer becomes the latest celebrity to tweet an apology after racist incident at Halloween party for George Clooney owned Casamigos
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