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MMA’s Top 10 fights of all time

by David Kano The sport might still be young but there's already some historic fights to look back on

Chael Sonnen, drugs and double standards in the UFC (Opinion)

by David Kano Foul play regarding banned substances in MMA's Octagon? Of course

UFC Fight Night: 5 Reasons Sanchez vs Pearson steals the show

by David Kano Will the Nightmare vs. The Real Deal matchup be the best fight this month?

UFC Fight Night: Henderson vs Khabilov predictions

by David Kano The best MMA fight of the month brings two champs to New Mexico but will Sanchez vs Pearson steal the show?

UFC 173: Dillashaw is the bantamweight champ after upset of Barao

by David Kano It was an exciting night of MMA fighting with Cormier retiring Hendo and Lawler says he's ready for a title shot

UFC 173: Round-by-round analysis on Barao vs Dillashaw (Final)

by David Kano Real time coverage of the big fight in Las Vegas

Valentine’s Day and MMA: Top 10 reasons to date a fighter

by David Kano The down and dirty guide to dating a man or woman you’ve seen tear a human to shreds in the Octagon
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